Miss moon 

Miss moon 

Your smile brighten my way 

Your presence erase all the stress of the day 

Your being accompanied by the stars 

Shows that a good sister is what you are 
I love to watch your face all night 

In every condition you remain so bright 

No matter your plight 

Your teeth are always flashing the light 
With you I know am not lonely 

When the whole house is asleep my one and only 

The sweet melody of your voice 

For me is not an option but a choice 
All night you stand by my window peeping 

While I was busy sleeping 

A night guard for me from evening till dawn 

How I wished you could wait till morning when I will wake up and yawn
I don’t mind fighting Mr Sun my crush 

For making you to rush 

If possible let there be marriage between you and the Sun 

If there is stand still there will be no need to run 
Please dwell with me here on land 

Hold me tight with your hands 

Stop going and coming 

Make my home your abode and stop roaming 
(c) Ayegboyin Tobiloba Victoria 

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