Believing in oneself, one of the keys to success

Most times, we doubt our abilities and see less of ourselves even when it is written over us that we are good at those stuffs.
We tend to to tell ourselves that “Oh, No, I can’t do this, I’m not good at this. 
At times, we solely depend on what people have to say on what we do and place ourselves on such opinions.
Meanwhile, what everybody says has nothing

 to do with who we are or what we can achieve.
Most people say things because they hate you for no reason, they can’t do what you can do and they just want to say harsh words to pull you down emotionally.
One thing we must learn to have is the INNER STRENGTH to ignore those hurting words that are not genuine. 
Another thing we must have is blind eyes and deaf ears to what people say or do.
Some people are just there and born to pull people down and make them see less of themselves.
What is she doing, What’s he doing, What does she even know, She is the dumbest creature on  earth. 
These set of people will never see any good thing in anything you do, they will discover problems for every solution.
You can never avoid these set of people in life .

You will always meet them at every point and juncture of your life.
Learn to rise above criticism, keep your head straight and high and believe in yourself.
You are a STAR. Learn how to outshine all hate words and criticism. Those are the determinants that  you carry something that is unusual.





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