How To Use Your Action To Change Your Distractions Into Celebration

In my own words, Distractions are things that turn your attention away from what you are doing or what you ought to do. Distractions are things that discourage you from attaining what you ought to attain and they can be hindrances that can stop you from whom you suppose to be.

Most times we find discouragement, distractions, hindrances on our way and we will tend to think of going back, We find ourselves in situation that surpasses our knowledge, might as human being having forgotten that all distractions, problem, trouble, sadden, sorrow, bitterness, struggles, challenges came only to make us strong, change our story, shapes our live and not to destroy and ruin us.

Everything that will come out shinning must have passed through fire, before gold came out well it experienced all sort of beating and fire, the iron, steel or metals at we make use to make nice things passes through a furnace. In the making of a clay pot there is a time you will have to sieve the clay, add water to it mold something, when you feel it is too hard you break it down add water again to shape into anything you wish and after that it pass through it so as to be strong. Likewise, God at a particular point in time will allow some distraction in your life so that he will be able to sieve what will not be useful in your life journey. At time he will add few troubles in your way so that you will run to him and let him mold you to what he desire and when he feels you are becoming to hard for him to shape well he break you down and add something that will make you soft enough to re-shape

Your reaction at this particular point in time will determine whether you choose your distraction over your promise land or you choose your promise land over your distraction. If you choose your promise land over your distraction nothing can stop you from getting to your promised land.

We you look at Jesus, when you remember he died for you, when you remember that he is able you will cast all your care upon him because if you worry from now till forever it won’t solve your problem. When Peter started looking at the sea which he was walking upon fear creeps in and began to drown. If all you look at is situation around you, circumstances you found yourself, the noise of the market, the turbulent tempest at the sea you will lose focus, you won’t be able to the victory ahead of you.

When the Israelite were moving out of Egypt their distraction was the Red Sea, When they were building their temple after returning from exile their distraction was Simbalat and Tobiah. When you are very close to victory there is always a distraction on your way yours is to figure it out, react to it in a positive way and hope for your victory. I am asking now distraction or your promise land?

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