Shall we talk?

Shall we talk about the hell on Earth?
Where people are being tortured continuously?
Shall we talk about tension generating bodies?
Who are responsible for killing us over and over again
Yes, we die a silent death within us everyday
Shall we talk about the constituted authorities
Inflicting our bodies with pain
Shall we talk about the way we kept quiet to our doom
Because of the fear of known and unknown

Shall we talk how we were discouraged, disappointed, devastated and frustrated?
Just because we want to be called learned
Shall we talk about the mid-night candle we burned?
Efforts that was rendered useless?
Destiny that was shattered?
Lives sent to early grave?
And the ones turned to walking dead

Shall we talk about how the only option was to pray
In order not to be a prey
In the hands of every rugged, galant and the almighty devourer
Why shall we open our mouth to speak?
What truth shall we say we have to say
While the bodies to ensure justice are corruption themselves
Who is ready to listen to our plights?
If not God that heals our broken hearts

Shall we talk about our consolation which was our years are numbered?
In the system that habors hypocrites
And celebrate all forms mediocrities
What of the bellies that were made fat
At the expense of joy and peace of mind of innocent souls
What of our silent cry and sigh
That we covered up with fake smile
Because we believe we shall overcome one day

What then shall we say?
What do we do?
Than to allow the spiral of silence expand
And remain mute
And let our truth die with us
Or sacrifice our lives, dreams, vision for the truth to be known
Who is then ready to be the hero?
Who will the mouth piece for the voiceless?

© Ayegboyin Victoria Tobiloba
Dedicated to those who have passed through the hell called school.
Dedicated to those who are still passing through hell and to everyone who at any point in time had to remain mute and hurt inside because of the fear of known and unknown.

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