Tips on Seeing Beyond Suicide

Most times you feel disappointed at the balls thrown at you by life. After hoping for a lot of things, making plans, working hard and investing your very best and it bring forth little or no fruit. We tend to be sad since we failed. Then you ask yourself, Am I really a failure? Then you will look around and see people who are not as hardworking as you are doing great, your mates who do not put in the best as you did making it. Your colleagues whom you tutor, then people who are doing the same thing you are doing are better than you. Then you will ask yourself? What is wrong with me, why is my own different, is it spiritual and all. While you go through bitterness, sorrow, silent pain, shame, disappointment and frustration people around you may not help matters as they may mock you, call you lazy bone, call you failure, think they know how to approach life better than you, think the are perfect because everything is going on perfectly well for them. Have you ever think that what worked for someone may not work for you? Don’t you think that your road to success may be longer than that of your friend, have you considered changing your approach to life? Ring the bell even harder, beat the drum even louder, be more patient, don’t stop striving you may not see your success closer than you think. Your case may not be spiritual, although you have to consult God and put your ways in his hands. Joseph was destine to be great in life but see what life brought for him, see how he suffered, how he found himself in different kind of troubles. Assuming he had considered committing suicide God promise will not come into fulfillment in his life. Life arithmetic of Mr. A is quite different from that of Mr. B the process are different while Mr. A had to plus and Multiple Mr. B may have to subtract and divide. With different processes Mr. A and B may arrive at the same answer. In simultaneous equation we make use of different method which are graph method, elimination method and substitution method to find the value of x and y and we arrive at the same answer. The problem start when you start comparing yourself to other people, wanting to be like them when you ought to multiply certain approach you are dividing not knowing your method isn’t the same and you will never get the right answer. Most of the time we hurt ourselves just to please people and suit their taste. We are afraid of rejection, what they will say, we allow people to tamper with our mind. He said you are too short, They said you are ugly you can never find a husband and it all begin with contemplating on it , I’m I really short, then you will notice that everybody around you are really taller than you . After thinking and looking at hurt words spoken to us we might feel as if there is nothing good left in us. What if someone who is being told that she is too short, ugly and that she might not find a husband is having relationship issues, several break-ups, disappointment from guys. Won’t she think there is nothing left in life or think of taking her own life believing what she heard. She might not know that she has not met with who is meant for her because she will feel like she is just useless and does not deserve to live. We can only say do not mind negative people, you are the best of your kind but we should also know that this thing deals with the mind; it is not very easy to conquer. People should therefore let people be if they can’t be of help. The situation of the country is so bad, stress-filled and tension is everywhere. Don’t be the one to add to people’s problem, if you can not be the reason why people are smiling don’t be the reason why they are crying, if you have not been in people’s shoe don’t judge, condemn and isolate them. Mind your speech,mind your action , your attitude towards people.

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