My experience with Road safety officers

The way I am dressing corporate this days sef companies you better be getting ready for me this year because I am available and employable, I am the creative and innovative person you have been looking for, still doubting?
Then give it a trial 🤣🤣🤣
Some people will say I’m doing advert now🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anyways, let my advert be ooo😂😂
(Clear throat) Ermmm, I was coming from somewhere , I mean I was jejely coming from somewhere yesterday evening and the commercial car I boarded was stopped by the Federal road safety officers.
Meanwhile, I sat at the front with the driver. One of them was having a conversation with the driver while another one is sampling and inspecting the car. In the process of the sampling and inspecting I was carrying a serious face in my mind collect the money you want to collect and let us go was the thought.
The man saw the look on my face and he was like why are you looking at me like that now, me on the other side still forming serious girl.
Later he said come down now and come and join us and work with us, that how I was forced to talk. I smiled and said, “You are doing your work and I am going home” Ko jo ra won 😃
Before we could finish the conversation another officer came from the back and said shake me now, in my mind for what , the same hand you have been using to collect illegal money.
Don’t you use to shake hand, I laughed and laughed , I shake but I’m not interested in shaking your hand. He left when he discovered that I’m not going to change my mind about what I said.
Then, the previous officer was like where are you schooling, I smiled again and said I am a Corper.
The driver was about starting the car this time he shouted, Haaa, Corper!!!!
And I waved my hands as we go…… That’s all, Thanks for reading.

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