Sad woman

Through the dark lonely night
Everything seems not to be bright
Who will I tell of my plight?
Who for me would fight?

My eyes are widely open
I’m so empty and broken
I can’t help but to cry
To hold the tears no longer can I try

Rolling side by side
I never possess a remote to pause what going on my mind
Watching the tick tick tick of the clock
Till the crow of the cock

Which bring to my sight?
The rising sunlight
Leaving me with such emptiness
I’m not homeless but very hopeless

I’m rolling everyday in my own blood
I live in a prison with a rogue
My head is the punching bag
Yet I never nag

I work everyday like a maid
After all heard and said
I have no say
I never questioned his no way

The map of the whole world all over my body
My cover-up has always been the floor is slippery
My legs hanged-up like a frozen chicken
A thousand mile journey weekly can not be this weaken

I’m tired of feeling this way
But what can I say
When I was told I belong to the bedroom
Kitchen and the other room

I’m a victim of rape
In my own domain
How will I escape?
What a skin deepen pain

What is really my gain?
For being there for him in sun and rain
He made my life worthless
He is so heartless

Because of my children I keep suffering for this long
Dancing day and night to his annoying song
I’m looking eighty
In my early thirty

He deserted me from all my friends
When will these come to an end?
When will I be free again?
Will I die in this silent pain?


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