Who will tell Aremu

Who will tell Aremu
The son of Balogun of Ode-omu
To stop making a move
That I remain unmoved
By his love songs and ewi
Because my heart belong to Ayodeji

Who will tell Aremu
That am already taken by a man
Whose identity is unknown to the town
Who do not steal nor gamble
Whose presence melt me like a candle
Whose feelings is beyond what I can handle

Help me tell Aremu
That I’m a needle with thread
I don’t know why he choose to leave my attitude unread
My words unheard
All signs undecoded
I never knew he is hardhearted

Tell Aremu
To behave responsible
And find something to do
Tell him I have no space for a fool
Tell him that he is very far from good
And that I have a barnful of rules

Have you not heard from Akilapa?
The great warrior of Abeokuta
Don’t you ask Ewatoye?
The charming Prince of Mowe
Don’t you know Gbadegesin?
The Aremo of Iseyin.

I believed you have not heard their stories
Because you would have stop trying
Stop showing up every morning
Stop flaunting your money
Because Ayodeji is sweeter than honey.


  1. Your love for Ayodeji is immeasurable
    Lol. Keep it up my sister
    More grace, more grease, more wisdom, more zeal and more inspiration..

    Liked by 1 person

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