Setting your priorities right

Setting priority right has to do with attending to things according to how important they are.

In economics, we can liken this to scale of preference. In essence, attending to things based on its urgency.

In economics, we have needs and wants. According to the scale of preference, needs should be our priority over wants because human wants are insatiable and immeasurable while human needs are necessary things that we should take care first.

This means we can want something that doesn’t really matter or neccessary at a moment.

Setting our priorities right has a way of influencing us positively and not setting our priorities right at the other hand will surely have a negative impact on us.

As a student in higher institution, you may desire to have a car or even a house. It’s good to have the two but it’s not what you need at that moment.
Your needs as a student is school fees, gadgets like a phone or laptop to help you do assignments , text books, food, clothes to cover your nakedness, and pocket money.

You shouldn’t put unnecessary pressure of having a car or house on yourself as a student just because some of your colleagues have it .
Their parents might be very rich or better still acquire those things through dubious means.

Any money that comes to you at that time should be used to address the needful. For instance learning skills that can fetch money for you.

Many people have found themselves in depression because they tried to engage in unnecessary competition on things that don’t really matter at the moment.

Because your friends use expensive things, you feel you must also use it so as to feel important too.

Because your friend did an expensive birthday you feel your own birthday must be better than your friend’s own so, you are moving from bed to bed, sleeping with every Dick and Harry to impress people.

If you contract sexually transmitted diseases, start using diaper or you are used for ritual, you are on your own.
The unhealthy competition is at your risk.

Before you take any decision today, ask yourself the reason you want to do it, do you really need it or you just need it to impress people.

Set your priorities right and avoid unnecessary/ unhealthy competition.

© Melody

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