Let God Have His Way

Most times, we are the reason why our prayers remain unanswered because we think we can teach God how to do what we want , where to do it and when.
Most times we want to pave ways for God , forgetting than his ways are different from ours and his thoughts surpass ours.
We have forgotten he sees and knows everything, we have forgotten he know the right gift at the right time, we have forgotten that he want to work on us before giving us want we want, we have forgotten he want to test our faith.
God want us to let go of everything and cast every care upon him, he want to be in charge of our lives, he want to beautify it.
What then will God do when we don’t submit our lives into his hands, what will God do when you are restricting his power, what do you expect God to do when you ask God to stay here , don’t do more than this, this is what I want.
When you don’t allow God to direct you, you begin to struggle with every aspect of your life, you drag what God did not want you to drag about, you suffer pain and grief you are not suppose to suffer because you want God to give you the exact thing you want.

God will fold his hands if you didn’t place your hands in his own, he will watch you while you stress yourself because you choose not to follow his direction.
We have forgotten that God has greater plans for us, God thoughts towards us are Good and are of peace.
But, how many of us are willing to stay where he want us to stay, who how of us are willing to Go where he want us to go, how many us are willing to submit and commit everything in his hands.
This year, most efforts yielded no result because we didn’t depend on God for direction.
Will you continue to do it yourself or submit your matter into God hands totally?
Will you continue wasting your precious time over what God knows there is no way there?
Do you want to depend on God for victory, promotion, success and breakthrough this coming year?
Or you want to follow your might and reasoning ?
Think about it, think about the way you didn’t allow God to have his way in your life and the pain it has caused you.
This year, your way or God’s way?

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