Things you must take note before your dreams will come through

I decided to watch the movie hyped all over the social media “The train” Mount Zion movie, yesterday.
I learnt some lessons from the movie which I would like to share with you.
I saw the movie from the perspective of faith, patience, perseverance,  humiliation, disappointment, total submission to God’s will for our life even it looks stupid, discouragement, knowing what you carry i.e your vision and staying glue to God for the actualization of such vision, focus, consistency, determination, choosing the life partner that sees the vision the way you see it and many more.

I would have loved to talk on the theme one by one but I will just summarize everything in a single write-up.
The fact that you are destined to be great doesn’t mean it will happen easily. There are some prices you will pay to reach your destination.
At the center of it all you need God to direct all your steps, lead you through because without God there is nothing you can achieve.
You may find yourself in situations that will almost make your dreams impossible to achieve. 
Your vision may look so blurry that you won’t even understand how to go about it. What step to take at a particular point in time and the one not to take.

You may need to let go the things you think are the best for you for the one God want you to choose no matter how stupid and humiliating it might be.
People will condemn, rubbish what you do and discourage you from continuing your journey to dream actualization but you need to be sure of what you carry so that little things will not stop you from achieving it.
Dissappoinment is one thing you can not afford not to come accross on that way. People will dissappoint you, people will hurt and fail you. Things may not work so good or fast as expected.
You will need to go to God in prayer  often and often and have faith that he will do what he promised you even when you don’t know how or when.

You need to have a focus, target and be consistent in what you do. There is nothing you can achieve by staying at your comfort zone.

Improve everyday don’t be satisfied, make necessary moves.
Be patient enough to wait for a partner that will help you, encourage you, pray with you, believe in your dream, see you beyond the present and will work hand in hand with you to achieve your goal.

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