Placing value on what you have ( my experience At Firstbank versus GT bank )

For a while now my firstbank account has not been in use. I didn’t save money in it, I did not withdraw or send money through it because my ATM has expired and for a reason best known to me I am a little bit reluctant to get a new ATM card so I make use of some of my friends account when I was still in school. During that time, I experienced a lot of embarrassment like them knowing how often money is being sent to me, the amount of money I received and the fact that I will have to pay for charges or waiting for a while before getting their ATM card.
With all these it appears that I have not learnt my lesson. When I am back home I didn’t find a time to get my ATM card until when I needed an account which salary will be sent into
My boss asked me to open a GT account that they operate a zero account and that their services are good. I was thrilled because the experience I had with Firstbank was good and bad especially when I was in school, the most annoying situation I had was that I have been on queue till 11pm at the ATM stand, I been at the bank severally without going home with cash and I eventually stop depending on bank for withdrawal of cash so that triggered using of POS.
Maybe I shouldn’t have blamed it on the bank, maybe I should have blamed it on the community for not having more than Firstbank and a Micro-Finance Bank.
I was so dissapointed although I have it in mind to reactivate my account and get a new ATM card.
Since my boss told about how good GT bank is with their services I pend the Firstbank and focus on opening a new account with GT bank.
Could you believe that after a week and some days my account has not been activated. I was asked to check back last week but something told me to give them enough time only for me to be there this morning to be fed with cock and bull story and even asked me to come back in three days time.
I had to frown at them for wasting my time and my transport fare before my account no was generated but with way the person that attented to me sounds I will have to wait again if I wouldn’t want to waste money for transport each and everytime I go.
I was so annoyed that I told them that I have another bank I’m using that I didn’t no that their services is this bad that I would have reactivated my Firstbank account .

I needed my account very urgently and now I will have to back to the bank I neglected ( Firstbank ) at the first instance and now I know their worth.
Assuming I was with my National Identification card this morning and Nepa bill I would have get the whole issue sorted out this morning because my passport is here with me.
Which bank do you prefer Firstbank or GT bank? While answering that let’s read up the message or the lesson that ought to be learnt from the story I narrated below.
We often point disapproval hands at what we have thinking that other things out there are better off which make us not to value what we have at hand. At a point we don’t care of losing it because we think it is worthless and because we have a better substitute for it.
If it is a relationship you may think your partner is this, is that and the new person you are meeting is like an angel but the truth is that it looks that way at the beginning and the more you know each other the more you see each other weaknesses and flaws.
We tends to be carried away by the sweetness of that new thing
thing forgetting all the things the previous ones has rendered.
We tend to get addicted, entrapped with the new things and worship it like an idol at times and abadoned the previous things totally. Because you just got a new pair of shoe you shouldn’t abadon the previous one or even point hand at the shoe that the shoe is not even looking nice, it is to flat or I don’t even like it. Remember that before you got a new pair of shoes the old pair of shoes served you for a long time you were able to do alot of things wearing the shoe.
Is it weird that I am using a pair of shoes for an instance….smiles…..It can be anything not necessarily a pair of shoes .
Never forget or abadon what has been of help or something that has been useful for you at one point in time when who have other things.
Do not abadon faithful friends of yours or forget them when you have new ones or when life is good for you because friends like that are rare to come by.
I don’t know what you have been neglecting or what you has lose it’s value with you just because you have new ones but I am persuading you to make a reform and let me add this once you lose something of great value by neglecting it you may not be able to get it back so be concious of your action….have a nice day!!!!

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