Tips on being relevant in any organization which will increase your tendency of getting employed

    My muse this morning sounds more biblical or more like spiritual realm but I be using to relate with our lives. The Clause which serves as inspiration implies that one has to be busy doing something. We are in a world where being educated is not the real key to success although it can be part of the factors to make it in life because if you are not educated your will be over-ride you, you won’t know your right and people will take you for granted

    Before I proceed I will to ask a question. What are you know for? Beauty without brain? Lazy, Back-biter, Busy-Body? These are rhetoric I would like you to solve like a puzzle, Think about it, engage in an intra-personal communication.

    There is a biblical quote which denotes that an idle hand is the devil work shop. All evil thoughts come in when you are not busy with something. Do not let your time pass without anything tangible to show. Work now that you can work, think now that you can think, this is your prime time.

    Another thing people don’t know is that people who are at the top of the world today started somewhere. Everybody wants to start big, they want to be a sudden billionaire, want to wear designer, and want to use the most expensive thing without working.

    Most people don’t know that to be successful may have you start from the scratch, do dirty job I don’t mean illegal jobs o, forget who you are to be somebody you are not.

    If people will help you doing your own part is necessary as well because if you will succeed your have to be somebody extra-ordinary develop your self in such a way that you will be able fit in any environment you find yourself because there are a lot of people with the qualification you have.

    Be somebody who can prove to people that you can do this or that, be somebody people can always recommend, be somebody that is well-equipped.

    Heaven help those who help themselves. I know you are educated, you just have to be creative because beyond the campus gate your grades, the school you graduated from may not matter but how you can relate what you study or train yourself to be fit wherever you may find yourself.

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