The voice that is never heard
The soul crying for help
Even though her bitterness is not visible
Her tears flow from coast to coast within her
Another dream has been shattered
Through the hand of the greedy

The girl they has no say
The girl they called a waste of resources
They girl that has no right to be educated
The girl that they say belong to the kitchen and the other room alone
A girl that must live in accordance to the lay down rules
A girl bounded by customs and traditions

The girl that must marry Megida
A man older enough to be her grand father
Once she sees her first cycle
A girl they exchange with cattle
Because it has more worth than she is
Without her consent

The girl that live with sorrow
Rape against her will
Use as an object of fun
A girl deprived of childhood joy
A girl that found herself in womanhood
What else can we can this but a lifetime prison

A girl exposed to so much trauma
Than her emotional and psychological capability
A girl exposed to Vesico Vagina Fistula
That she has to battle with all her life
She is the poor girl child
That is screaming for your help


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