How you have contributed to your failure unknowingly

You are not a failure because you tried but it seems it is not bringing forth good fruit, you have tried several times and you feel like giving up n yourself , you have come across so many disappointment, distraction, discouragement , don’t give up .
There is a quote that implies that ‘you are not a failure when you fail but when you stop trying because you fail’’.
Assuming Prof. Wole Soyinka give- up after sitting for O’level several times he wont be as popular is he is today. Also, graduating as a third class student would have poured cold water into his heart. There is nothing as discouraging as that and many of us would have concluded that such person is a complete failure and even graduated with grace, let my people go kind of thing.
Contrarily, all he come across did not weigh in down, he proceeded and he is now a well known professor. His opinion has not been undermine for once, he now speak among the prominent people, people with high integrity, high social status. No one remember his past because he is now a success.
However, Abraham Lincoln is another good example he tried several times, he failed several times but he never gives up and that was why he emerged as the president of America.
Benjamin Solomon Carson is from a broken home, his mother faced a lot for him to go to school because is not financially buoyant but this never weigh him down, history can never forget him as neuron-surgeon and touch and save many lives, he is also a motivational writer, a philanthropist, he is the author f the gifted hands.
The aforementioned is not what brings about this post. I have not been so active the way I use to be, it is not because I have nothing to say but there is no time and have been learning, yea learning is a daily process.
I have been watching couples of video on YouTube about all this small kids going for the America got talent show. The kids are really good like they are really wow but something that almost draw me to tears was that there is 9 year old a survival of kidney transplant, the poor girl has faced hell but surely she is going places.
Another thing that shock me that there is also a young girl that lose her hearing but she never give up on herself. She is a guitarist before she loses her hearing but she never give up after her problem, she feels the rhythm, the beat of the piece through vibration. There is a sign language teacher interpreting everything the panel say
Just of recent, when I was watching news, a lame man who is a cobbler empowered many graduate and young people that would have been roaming about the street. He was able to achieve this because he is well determined, he did not choose be one of the beggars on the street. Well, I will arrive on the fact that liability is not disability.
Not matter what you are facing today, believe me, you are not a failure, stand up once again on you feet. If you can crawl, crawl, you can only walks, then walk, just make sure you are going and by doing so, you will really fly one day.
In fact if you have not faced anything I am not sure of how far you are going, remember that apaadi, the earthen pot go through at lot of hell before it become useful. Gold as glittering as it is passed through a lot of process before it looks very attractive.
Before any dawn, there is always darkness, at the end of each tunnel, there is always light.
Be whatever you want to be, do whatever you want to do, remain focus and most of all be you.
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  1. Hi I’m kayode by name, I really like your work and like what you do, sometimes people give up but often some get up back up when someone motivate and inspire them and mentor them we need more people like you that motivate people and that alone reduces the rate of depression and suicidal thoughts and suicide itself in our society today

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