Igbeyin A dara (It will end well)

When everything is not fair

When life is treating you as if it does not care

When you think about the mysteries of life

And how much you have strived

Remember that igbeyin a dara

Are you overwhelmed with fear

And you can’t help but to shed tears

You have been through up and down

And it seems there won’t be dawn

Remember that igbeyin a dara

You are going through hell

In life’s cell

And you felt like there is no one to tell

Common, rise-up even when you fall

Because Igbeyin a dara

You have gone through pain

You can’t complain

Or even explain

What is gonna be the gain

Be strong, Igbeyin a dara

Wipe-off your tears

Your victory is near

You will forget the reason why you cried

Because sooner you will smile

Just because Igbeyin a dara


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