Be your own boss 

 Be your boss 
Have you ever think of being the boss of yourself?, it is possible. With level of unemployment today you can do something that is reasonable, that will earn a lot of cash. Everything is not about white collar job, if you try walking all around the street it will be a wait of time.

Be self-employed, you are asking yourself how? It is very simple, as an undergraduate you must have a learnt a profession, I mean there are several work people engage themselves in such as catering, hairdressing, fashion designing, graphic design, customising and a lot more. 

As an undergraduate don’t depend only on education alone, try some other things. If you are thinking of how to raise income friends and family can help and also you can save money as chances comes and also your allowee must not be spent lavishly, if you have a good business plan there are organization that are willing to help.

Learn how to relate with customers, you know Otedola started somewhere and so you can also be your boss and make it. 
(c) Ayegboyin Tobiloba Victoria 




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