How Amala And Gbegiri Turns To Be The First Food I can prepare at Age 9

As I little child, I had the opportunity of spending my Holidays with my Maternal Granny.  My Granny was a retired Headmistress. So, during the Holiday She will make I and my Cousin rest our brain before giving us Assignments in different textbooks.

I enjoyed playing with other kids; we play Ludo game, Joker and Whot. I enjoyed picking Fruits with other kids. I enjoyed playing football with the boys in the hood.

When it get to cooking I was never found wanted even if it just help my Aunties in picking what they need but I also watch them as they cook. Grandma loves taking Amala and Gbegiri (Bean Soup) so most night we do eat Amala and Gbegiri while eating I would beg for more Gbegiri. “Grandma, I want more Gbegiri soup,” she will ask one of my Aunties to attend to me. As days goes on I have so much love for Amala and Gbegiri them I will help in peeling the bean and after removing all the dirt, it will be rinsed and we are start cooking the beans until it get soft.

My Aunties has always being the one finishing up the work. One day my Aunties are not around so grandma as be to start preparing Gbegiri soup so that when my Aunties come they will Prepare Amala, I gladly obeyed the ordered because there is this joy you have as a child when you are asked to cook. When I was done preparing the soup, I help my Aunties to put water on fire which made it easier for them when they came back.

So there was a day My Grandma and My Aunties and Uncle have gone a church program and I was the only one at Home. When it is time to start cooking I started preparing Gbegiri after which I prepared Amala. I have not had the opportunity to prepare Amala before that time so I saw it as an opportunity. I prepared Amala and stayed back at the living room expecting everyone.

They came back I broke the news for them. “ I have prepare Amala and Gbegiri”  I had no doubt of me preparing Gbegiri soup but hearing Amala they all shook they head thinking they will find small whitish fall in the Amala (koko) or thinking the Amala will not be well cooked. They went straight to the kitchen and were surprised to meet the Amala and Gbegiri well cooked. While eating my Grandma commended me and My aunties, Wow, your Amala is soft, this soup is nice” the compliments gave me so much Joy and that was how I started preparing Amala and Gbegiri long ago in my Grandma place before I started cooking for my Mom.

Till now Amala and Gbegiri is still one of my best food. Nobody should say I am a Foodie o…….smiles.

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