First Impression Last Forever(A tale of Uniosun Illumination 1.0 )

People fighting

When I was in school, in my third year to be precise, a program was held in conjunction with the faculty, Faculty of Art and Humanity, (JCCF) Joint Christian Campus Fellowship as well as The Association of Muslim Student Tagged Uniosun illumination 1.0 which lasted 3 for days when student were given chance to show-case their talents.

            During this program, a lot of Nollywood star were invited to grace and to make it more interesting the likes of Sola Kosoko, Peju Ogunmola and a man who is known as a professional wailer. He cries in almost all the movies in features in, it is unfortunate that I can’t remember his name.

Mr. Samson Ibraimoh was asked to lecture people on the disadvantages of being a cult member. He narrated how he used to be one, how he was rusticated from different universities, how he has swallowed big snails with its shells all in the name of power, How he has so many scar at his back, how so many lives has been cut short by him, how he used to have girlfriend in each state, how he do drugs and extended it to all his girlfriend, how he was found wanted at several occasions, how he had to change his name on several occasions but  most of all how he found Jesus and was happily married to a virgin despite the fact that he has aborted pregnancy or several ladies and that he is reason why most of his girlfriends could not have a happy marriage .

            Akanfe Jesu who also happens to be a first class graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University who happens to be a film maker was invited to grace the program advising students how to pursue their academics with diligence and discouraged them from joining secret cults.

At the end of each day, refreshments were distributed to students. This made the school hall to welcome students from all the departments in the faculty. Students do not mind sitting on their friend’s lap just to be part of the program. Apart from refreshments which were distributed at the end of each day, the program was interesting on its own. Most student wish to see Nollywood Stars one-on-one and have a picture with them so as to have something new to feed their followers on social media with.

I don’t fall in that category because I am not interested in running after Celebrity just to have a photograph with them. After the day 1 program, the anchor of the program announced that the first 100 student to come the next day will go home with a special package. Who will want to be left out of the offer, my friends and I came earlier the next day so that we will have our sit at the front and also go home with the special package. Surprising, we met close to twenty students in the hall with the same mission.

When we are asked to put down our names we have to form a queue, on the queue there was a lady whom they call her Dami action from another department who nearly had a fight with me just because I told her that I was suppose to write my name in the attendance sheet before her. To my surprise, she flare-up and She was ready to fight so I let her write her name because It will be so funny if we start a fight just because of a writing name before each other. I wondered what sort of creature she was. The most interesting part is that I was meeting and having encounter with her for the first time since I have been in school. I asked myself, How can someone lack manner like this and for the very first time I had a  very bad impression about the lady which I think nothing can change forever, there is not amount of words that change the impression I had about her. I hate the girl so much hat she sent me a friend request and I declined it. She might have forgotten what happened and even forgotten me but I can’t forget her and her ill-manner.

Note:  Before you act, bear it in mind not to create a bad impression about yourself no matter how bad your mood can be at that point in time.

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