Letter to Nigerian Screen-writers

One of the things that did not usually freak me is Nigerian films, especially Yoruba films. This is not because there is no good movie they have presented, but because it is very few. One of my favorite Yoruba films is Igboya and some old films Bashorun Gaa, Irugbin, saworo ide and a lot more which are village film.
Nevertheless, am so disappointed in most of Yoruba films as it is poorly written, recording of some is worse, their subtitle is nothing to talk about. They really need to improve, they should make things to look real, they should learn how to captivate people with their writing, make people to wonder what will happen next, they really need to show us that they can do better, they should think randomly.
I use to wonder what they take people watching their films for, a fool ?. How will they write a movie there is nothing to learn from, to make people laugh is good but why can’t it teach a lesson too.
One of the annoying things about Yoruba film is that you can guess what will happen in a movie the song and sound effect they use in the movie. One of the worse movies I have ever watched is a film about a guy for a rich family who is looking for true love because all the previous girlfriends are after money. So, he have to live in a ghetto area for some time and when he eventually meet a lady that is ready to marry him even as a poor man. After everybody get to know how rich he is, he made an arrangement for a kind of celebration, where he started giving his neighbors car, house and money. One of the questions I still have unanswered is can Dangote be spending money so lavishly like that, in the name of showing us that he is really rich.
I suppose literature teaches moral, but is the other way round. You can’t imagine a situation where actors and their work influence youth very badly with the way they dress and the way they think. The only thing that happens in Nigerian films to show people are not dating is when get involve in sexual acts like kissing, making love and the rest. And before we know it, people will actually think that is the way things suppose to be.
One of the films I love watching is Indian films the longest length I watched is 3 hours, happy new year is the title of the movie. Is it the way they carry you along that I want to about or how anxious I was to what is next.
There is a say that implies that we should value whatever we have, but I refuse to value or embrace anything that does not worth to being value.

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