Tell Mama

For common penny, I was sold
Mama was never told
I am precious to her than gold
In the dark cold night I was taken away
Through the dark narrow way
No one is ready to listen to what I have to say

I was not given a chance to say goodbye
Not even a word
The sword is gazing wickedly at my vocal cords
Who do I tell about my silent cry?
Who will understand my loudest sigh?
It all happened in the twinkling of an eye

I was taken to an unknown land
Where my bed of roses is the sand
The roof of my house is the sky
My bed spread is the cold breeze
That always makes me freeze
If you see mama tell her I’m In need

I work day and night
In sun and rain
What is really my gain?
For all my pain
Who will fight my battle?
Who will bring an end to this struggle?

Urine and my tears is my water
Foods at the dunghill are the most sought after
I dare not wear the mask of laughter
I am only a boy to their daughters
Help me to tell my father,
That I am weary of checking the calendar

Tell mama that I am getting older
Tell mama that I am no longer a toddler
Please tell my brother and sister
Tell them I am still alive
Tell them I am only a slave
Tell them we shall see in the land beyond the grave


    • The character is painted to be hopeless……. the poem is a product of imaginations although inspired by a movie”white slave”


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