My confession 

My confession 
I am in love with your lovely smile 

Like sun it do shine

With such a dazzling glow 

Circulating my body like blood flow 

I love the tenderness in your angelic voice 

For me is not just an option but a choice 
I love your well carved nose

To it I can’t help but to gaze 

You soft and succulent lips 

I will like to kiss over and over again 

Your snow like set of teeth 

Have a good stand in your oral cavity 
Your nice wide chest 

For me is a place of comfort 

If I was given the chance

 I will remain there from now till eternity 

I want to create a ringing tone

To every single beat you can make 
Your love is making me speechless 

And even making me breathless 

But my love for you is endless 

Because I will love you to the fullness

I won’t promise to be perfect 

But you I will never neglect 
I may not be the best 

But I promise to be different from the rest 

I may be naughty 

It is because you are driving me crazy 

No amount of my word is enough 

To show how much am in love 


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