Because of 20 naira

On a fateful day, I was going to church for choir rehearsal but unfortunately for me I had a frog in my throat and I needed something to clear my throat so I considered getting Two pieces of Tom-Tom which goes for 20 naira. I bought Tom-Tom thinking I had more than enough money in my wallet. I enjoyed consuming my two pieces of Tom-Tom because it served my purpose of purchasing it at the first instance.

When I got to church, I discovered that there is needs for me to make photocopy of some music pieces which I did without even considering my financial capability and all.

I made photocopies and choir rehearsal was nice but when I was going home the next morning I noticed that the there is shortage of 20 naira. I think of all possible options but there is none than to trek a long distance before boarding a commercial bus that can take me to my finally destination.

So I trekked for some minutes with the sun already rising, it made me so weak but I had no option . When I reach the destination that the little money on can take me home I stopped trekking and boarded a mini bus.

I got to the my I destination I alighted and gave the driver my money, He suppose to give me 10 naira change and he was like he didn’t have change thinking that I will leg go the change and I think within myself not after I have suffered this much so I transfer my aggression to him Oga give me my change jor.

I got home very weak and tired so I slept for some hours before I regain strength. Don’t be like me, always check your wallet, purse or pocket before spending so that you won’t be stranded. Where you are going might not be trekable.

Thanks for reading

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