I was charmed with the look on your face
I can’t help but to gaze
The day I will never forget
Is the day we met?

Feed me with your care
Which with anyone I don’t wish to share
Cane with your love’s rain
For my soul delight in such pain

The angel sent from above
I love your every move
You are so precious to me than gold
Your beauty is what I have seen or told

You lit my mood like candle
This feeling I don’t think I can handle
Make me the key that unlock your heart
I will surely be there for you during the day and the night

The name that sends cold shiver down my spine
I want you to be only mine
The name that made my heart to melt
This strong feeling I have never felt

My love for you is pure
I wished you could see my heart to be so sure
All I want is your love
Just your love is enough

Let me be the air breathe
Let my shoulder be the only one on which you can lean
Let me be the water you drink
Make me the only food on which you will feed

Like synthetic hair together let us tangle
Let us melt together like a candle
Let us be a perfect combination like H2O
Let our love has no limit of flow

Let me be the sun that brighten you day
Let my children be stars in your sky
Let me be the sight in your eyes
In hot days, to your body let me be the cold breeze

Let my hand be the only one you will hold
Let me be your only blanket when it is cold
I promise to love you till death do us part
And continue in the land beyond the earth

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