What you do today, history shall tell 

What you do today, history shall tell 

I was in 100 level when I wanted to make payment of my school fees, being new in Ikire I had no clue of which cybercafe I can use but finally a 400 level directed to his course mate.

So we went to his shop waiting for him for several hours yet the bad odour oozing from the drainage too     was stinking so much and unbearable, we later called him and when he finally came my angry friends have left so he attended to me, he made the payment of my fees and he has not even printed it not to mention doing my course registration when he received a call  and said he won’t be able to continue now that I will have to come back . In short He is going somewhere so he asked me to put down the information he will needing on a sheet of paper and I will come for the print out later.

He asked me to pay 1000 naira for the service he rendered but it was so unfortunate that I was with 500 naira which I deposited, the next I called him to know if he has done my work but he didn’t bother to do and I calling him like two weeks before I later go to another cybercafe and everything was before the twinkling of an eye, I was given the print out and the woman collected just 300 naira. 

He cheated me and yet he took my work with levity hand.

There is no day I passed by his shop that I won’t narrate this story to my friends and the reason why am posting this is because I saw him at the bank.

What you do today history shall tell whether good or bad. 

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