My love for you (poem) 

My love for you has no bound 

My heart gives a melodious sound 

Nothing got me so thirsty 

Nothing got me so nasty 

Nothing is so pretty 

Nothing makes me feel happy 

Nothing is so tempting 

Than you 
I can’t explain the sparkling in your eyes 

I can’t count the number of stars I see in your eyes 

I can’t explain how I feel inside me 

I can’t explain the butterflies in my belly 

Your presence reduce me to a melted candle 

All this feelings I don’t think I can handle 
You are all over me 

I breath you 

You captured my memory 

You are all I see in my dreams 

You are all I hear 

You clothed me with fear 
Because I don’t think I can do without you 

I don’t think I can ever let you go 

All I feel is the electric flow 

Let our love light continue to glow 

Till the cock stop to crow

Till grass seize to grow 


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