Best graduating student of Lagos State University give birth a day after convocation 

Many people will be thinking of how possible this could be, since we know that it is not really easy to cope with pregnancy alongside with school stress. 
This is one of the things that interest me in reading the newspaper as soon as I saw the headline.That was when I discovered that the same lady waited for about 5 years before getting admission into LASU though she had her O’level result once and normally have nice utme scores but yet she never get admission to any of this school.It get to some point when she stopped going to church, later she get admission into LASU with her  small niece and by that time some of her friends has graduated and some are already going for their master degree but she doesn’t allow all this to weigh her down. This makes her face her education squarely and she also said she makes use of internet alot in other to get information and on the other hand her elder brother and sister are also a good example according to the report her elder brother is a doctor who resides in abroad and elder sister also graduated with First Class. 

Then how did she get pregnant? She get married last year and her told her husband that he gave him his daughter with 4.7 CGPA and it must not go down when the lady got pregnant her husband has been the one helping her with the house chores and she was able to graduate with First Class.

I don’t know your problem presently but let bring out the best in you, I believe you have learnt something.

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