Why your challenges should not be your limitation

There are many reason why your challenges should not be your limitation, one thing you should know when going through hell is that it is only for a while. Also no condition is permanent and your present situation is only to make you strong.

The difficulty you are passing through is to be out the best in you, is never to weigh you down.

For you to succeed something needs to happen, there are times you will need to struggle to have better story to tell. Struggle is part of life, there are times you will be sad, times that you be happy  and so.

Most of the well known write have several stories to tell about their past and problems leads many into writing which reader consider as nice work. 

What you must also know is that nothing grows at the comfort soon or else you want to remain stagnant. 

Problems make your brain works extra ordinarily, what you may not be able to do in a perfect condition your problem you do it. 

Your problem is a great teacher, it discipline you to the core. 

Problem makes you move closer to God and make you believe and depends upon his words. 

Never let you challenges be your distraction let it be your stepping stone, let it bring out the best in you 
© Ayegboyin Tobiloba Victoria 



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