The Turn-around (prose)

You are the best thing that ever happened to me, Phillip said as he gave bisi a peek and Bisi smile in return.

The young lover are in lighter mood after coming back from a birthday party, they met 6 months ago and things have been going smoothly though they are always busy through out the day, it has always been night of chatting and gisting, every morning they wake up chatting with each other.

Bisi is much more in love and the only fear she had was losing Phillip to another lady because he mean the whole world to her and she can’t even do without him.

Bisi is a 200 level student of university of Ibadan while Phillip is in 500 level in ladoke akintola university of technology,the distance between the young lover mean nothing to them since they are deeply in love with each other especially bisi who wanted a long distance relationship so that she wont be distracted, her friends have tried several times to persuade her over dating a guy in their school but she she insisted that she can not double date and she did not want to lose the trust Phillip have in her.

Things continue to go smoothly as Phillip seems to be the most caring guy on earth until when he started having an affairs with a new lady that was when he started sending bad signal across to Bisi who was amazed on the other hand because this is not the same Phillip she fell in love with, can she be dreaming or is this real was the question she keep asking herself.

She called Phillip to ask him if she offended him in anyway and that he should forgive her but his response was no, then what is this changes all about, she said. 

She is no more herself, how could this have happened to her, she has been faithful and she is always careful of her conduct, what else did Phillip want from her.

She lose her appetite, go to bed with cry and wet are bed with her tears, her life has been upside down ever since Phillip changes his attitude towards her,  she don’t even care about are look any longer… …………………………… be continued 

© Ayegboyin Tobiloba Victoria 


#prose work 

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