How did time fly

How did our loved ones die

Before the twinkling of an eye

And make us to cry
Cold water you pour into our heart

Then pierced was our heart

Our rivulet of tears can never bring them back

Forever they we will lack
Why do they have to leave us this time

Making loves one to burst into Boohoo rhyme

Why our people you did crush

And put us into situational rush
Loved ones wailing, crying is out of their hearing

Mourning cloth people are wearing

The sound made by weeping people filled the environment

At that very moment
They have slept to wake no more

They entered the house to go out no more

They answer no more to their name

They cannot stand, walk and yet they are not lame
Death, you make people that sleep in the comfort of their room

To sleep outside where there is no roof

People who drive expensive car

To go to their final home with five feet underground car

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