Evils in female genital mutilation 

Evils in female genital mutilation
Female genital mutilation is one of the harmful traditional practice which is common among our naive forefathers. Female genital mutilation is the removal of the sensitive part of the female private part, which has done more harm than good.

Female genital mutilation must be discouraged because of it effect on the society at large. Below are the outcome of female genital mutilation:-

. The victim will suffer the fresh wound
. The victim can bleed to death if the part of the private area is not carefully cut.
. The victim can contract disease through the sharp object which is used
. The victim may find sex boring later in marriage
. The victim may have a hard time with her husband concerning the issue of sex
. Difficulty to urinate
. Difficulty of passing fluid
. Chronic pain
. The development of cyst
. An Inability of getting pregnant
. Complication during childbirth and severe bleeding

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