Like what tomorrow shall bring 

Like the message passed by the birds that sing

Vague like the man that have the real ring 

Vague just like what will make me fly without a wing 
Uncountable are the stars in the sky 

But I know not which one is mine 

My naked eyes

Can’t foresee what will happen as day go by 
The reason for the pain 

I pass through in sun and rain 

Even when I can’t complain 

When things are not plain 
Vague like the sorrow behind my smile 

Unknown to anyone my loudest sigh 

If we all know tomorrow 

We would have been more careful of what we sow 
We know not the hatred behind the assumed love 

Those murder committed even without shedding of blood 

We don’t know the sweat behind a wealth 

Nor illness behind a so called sound health 

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