present absence must go 

I wonder why this long silence

With your present absence

In my lovely abode

Tintinnabulation stopped as the bicycle you stop to ride

You broke my door

You removed my roof
You stole the precious brick

Out of your mighty trick

You left me to be beaten by rain

During the day, the sun cream my body with pain

Even in my lovely wardrobe where I hang my best

Is now decorated with the bird nest
One leg out, the other one in

Is like holding me down with a pin

Why can’t you go

And give peace to my soul

Hearing your name is no more pleasing to my ears

Seeing you has become a taboo for my eyes
The prettiest of your smile

To me is like the bitter cry

Whether you realise that you have not been fair

Cease to be my care

Please all your load you have to pack

Go now without looking back
I never knew you are proudly meek

And from anyone, advice you never seek

You are the devil clothed in white garment unnoticed

To deceive all novice

Oh! you present absence leave me

Go now and let the lovely breeze blow at me

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