How are the mighty  fallen

How are the mighty fallen
Oh the mighty

Where is thy power

You have being the tower

Where we seek for safety
Where is your arrow

Where is the power in your bow

Have you not being a rock?

Since crowing is the language of the cock?
You have being unshakable

Your have being undefeatable

You have been our shield

On the battle field
Your sparkling roaring spear

No one it has spare

You frightening thunderous voice

Made your decision a choice
Who dare question you

Who dare belittle you

Not even the brave

If not ready to be send to the grave
Why then are you fallen

Oh you mighty

Why is the fearless

Suddenly becomes the powerless
Where is your sovereignty

Where in the earth did you hide your ability

To your enemy, do you want to give opportunity?

Oh thou mighty why to war you want to become a property
Wake up from your sleep

Beers are devouring your sheep

Oh thou mighty rise up

And revive your weapon

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