The monthly flow 


Oh! Monthly flow

Full and package with pain

To womanhood is a gain

In the dark night, on my bed I roll

Perhaps my underneath is crying again

I pray it won’t be in vain

A pound –pound-pound in my stomach
The rush rush rush like arrival of a monarch

The clash clash clash like that of a cutlass

O ye army, why are you shedding the blood of the innocence

Where are your license?

Is this not nonsense How many litres of blood did I have?

Yet every month part to you I give

The day I will stop you will have to go to grave

Five days out of a month you take

Despite of this great contribution

To me you give no appreciation

Why are you so harsh?
The pain is more than that of a lash

Why are so coward

Come to physically, you will run backward

Don’t think am fragile

Being a lady am extraordinary agile

Why are so heartless
Do you think you are fearless?

So many years my body you reign

For how long will you camp me with this chain

Am looking forward

For my reward
Why are you so stubborn?
I never knew you exist when I was born

Only in your entirety

To claim it is maturity

You can’t even take a pause

Until when you called menopause

If you don’t really care
Why can’t you save the fare?

Why are you abiku in nature?

And claim that you are mature

My heart, mind has so much to say

My body, just wait for menopause the day

(c) Ayegboyin Tobiloba Victoria


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