The handsome sun, my crush 


Your handsome face I love to behold
How I wish by you I should be held

The lovely ray

You give me all day

I can see your smile 

From 180 million miles
Your love in me everyday is going stronger

Show me the way that differ from this thong

Knowing right from wrong is the reason behind my hunger

Overshadow me with your beam

Then one day I will see you in glory realm

My heart is singing you a song
Listen to my whisper

This is not just a flatter

Give me just a lift

And I will give you my heart as a gift

Show me your love

And I will l be yours through the smooth and rough
Make my lips warm with your kiss

And I won’t have to hiss

Even if everyday you I miss

Come my way, thee I pray

Just for today 

Is all I have to say



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