My past 


My lovely past
What have you cast?

An interesting story

Written down in history

The season films
That almost makes my eyes dim

At times I do cry

Most time I do smile

The echo bring back the waves
With the whole of my heart, I wave

You will need to fill up the space

As all I do everyday is nothing but a race

The clean stain
The sweet pain

The lashes of cane

Is all a great gain

By the way
What have you to say?

You will surely get a nice pay back

Nothing out of it you will lack

Now I feel like singing
As my lips keep giggling

Without having a degree

HE made a decree

You don’t have to agree
To him I flee

Who is ever faithful?

I am grateful

If you like
Peep through my past

I will give you money to board a bike

Here, you will never meet me at last

(c) Ayegboyin Tobiloba Victoria 2016

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