The power of word 


It travel from here to aboard

Yet a plane it does not board

It nails people to the cross

And send messages across
It sends out arrow

Without making use of bow

It soothes the heart

And hurts the heart
It poisons the mind

A broken egg that can not be found

It arrests

Without being a police and rest
It makes somebody to reign

Another person it put into chain

Somebody it put into pain

Another into a lot of gain
Word set a country ablaze

And make the whole world amaze

Sentence people to death

With supernatural strength
Whether you are white, black or brown

It will set upon your head a crown

It set the whole house on the fire

It shed light without connecting wire
Roaring like a lion

Burning, heating, bending and melting like an iron

Fierce like a thunder 

Without using sword, it commits a murder


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