The sweet bitter change 


Oh! What a sweet bitter change
The extremely kind wicked in charge

The whole peaceful happy state

Reduced to sober estate

The once powerful gate

Can’t even stand among its mate

The sweet hot tears

Running down the fat emaciated cheeks
The surplus meagre food
Feeding the innocent human hood

Gone are the days where sheep dine at the meadow

For anxiety made them baa beside the window
The rotation and shifting like testing microphone
The origin of blended brunch

The adaptation of who are not prone

The calls for prayer at church
The head of the house becomes the wife
What a beautiful life

The food for the rich, garri

At the low cost of osogbo to warri
The change with so many bloods
Donated out of love

The great amount of obituary

Just like that of salary
The violence eruption
Of pure corruption

The ungrateful parasite

On fields and site
The once Mrs Nigeria
Suffering from malaria

All her stolen assets 

Disturbing her mindset


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