Demo crazy (democracy) 
Demonstration of craziness 

Running the whole system with laziness 

You handle things so carelessly 

You rule and act mercilessly
You promise to let us have our say

But things never work that way 

You said the decision is for majority 

But why are we silence by the minority 
The press gatekeeps

All what they bookkeeps 

The constitution abducted 

The law is being murdered 
Why do give room to all funny characters 

Who think out of their stupidity they can create laughter

We are tired of their fake promises 

We have no interest in their flimsy excuses 
When will commoners stop suffering

When will an end come to bribery

What do I say about the so call advocate of justice 

Who are promoting injustice 
Where is the power of masses vote 

When the rigging of election is being promoted 

Where is the power of the press 

Their independence has been supressed 
Oh democracy, what a false you are 

All these rogue you father 

Don’t go any further 

Before everyone you will murder 
You are such a propaganda 

Claiming to have nice agenda 

From the footprint you left on calendar 

All I can see is betrayal 


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