Lord of the ring 

Lord of the ring 
Dear lord of the ring 

I won’t mind if for you I will have to sing

I heard to him so much love you shower 

Yet for you he did not cater
You go through so much pain 

May I ask you what is your gain

For how long 

Will weeping be your song
One day on,  another day off 

Is that what you call love? 

One leg out the other one in

Is like holding you down with a pin
Your nightly tears 

The loudest cry that nobody hears

Is what you made your friend 

For goodness sake all this have to come to an end 
Am tired of you bitter cry

Stop the fake smile 

Are you in a prison 

This is the best time for you to reason 
Take a step today 

I hope you will listen to what I said

Stop being a prey 

You are not a maid 
Act now while the star still twinkles 

Do wait till your face will be reduce to wrinkles 

Your ring will soon rot

And another you may not be able to get 
To childbirth you will soon take a pause 

During the reign of menopause 

Throw away the rotten ring

Oh dear lord of the ring. 

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